How to Pick a Good Buyer Broker/Agent

When buying a home, it’s helpful to have a real estate agent who will keep the process running smoothly. Finding an agent who has expertise in the area you are looking is crucial. Your agent will know the market and work to get the best deal possible. Buying a home also means wading through a great deal of paperwork and dealing with some procedures that may be foreign to you, such as hiring a home inspector. A good agent will help you organize and coordinate all the important elements of buying a home.

One way to find a real estate agent is to ask friends and family for recommendations. However, if you’re looking in a different area than where that agent normally works, you could miss seeing some homes because the agent isn’t familiar with the area. Make sure you interview every agent you consider, and ask them how they will let you know when homes come on the market, which areas of town they specialize in, and if they have experience in your price range.

When you find a real estate agent with whom you are interested in working, he or she should be clear about his or her role in the home buying process. It’s generally not a good idea to use the same agent who is selling the home you are considering buying; the agent has an obligation to represent the seller’s interests, not necessarily yours. Also know that some real estate agents work only with buyers, while others work only with sellers.

Remember, use a Buyer Broker if you are Buying, make no mistake, your buying experience can be vastly improved by doing so. Things like, negotiating the best price, researching and having more revealing information regarding the property and the area, having a better understanding of the contracts and strategies involved in the deal, having the knowledge to anticipate pitfalls that may arise to keep the deal flowing and meet critical deadlines always thinking one step ahead and, of course, having a Real Estate Buying Expert with the experience, knowledge and time to represent you as your personal Broker/Agent looking out for your best interests.

Buying a real estate in Arizona can be a pleasurable experience, so treat yourself right, make finding the best representation the spearhead of your efforts. 

Arizona Buyer Brokers


About Dino Wallerich

True Buyer representation in Prescott, Arizona. Dino Wallerich is CEO/Designated Broker for Relocation Specialists, LLC.
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