5 Smart Home Devices You May Have Missed


“Alexa, play all my news!” Ok, so you know about smart home devices like Amazon Alexa, you’ve probably already heard about Google Home and its other products as well. But there are a few additional devices that you might be interested in, and may even save you some money!

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Attention Real Estate Buyers!!!

Commissions that are negotiated with the Sellers of real property, when a property is listed, unless otherwise written in the initial commission agreement, is not a negotiation chip for Buyers.
The Sellers’ agent can split the commission with a Buyers’ agent, if the Buyers’ agent is licensed, has the sellers written permission, brought a ready, willing and able Buyer, and there is a successful close of escrow. The Sellers’ agent is willing to do this because the Buyers’ agent is doing half the work through the entire process to close of escrow, in addition the Buyers’ agent is taking on half of the liability as well.
That being said, just because the Sellers’ agent is willing to split the commission with the Buyers’ agent does not mean that he is discounting the commission for an unrepresented Buyer. When there is an unrepresented Buyer, the Sellers’ agent is now doing all of the work and is taking on all of the liability, and unless it is written in the initial commission agreement, the Seller has already agreed to pay the Sellers’ agent the full agreed upon commission amount at close of escrow. Therefore, the Buyer should not expect that he has an entitlement to a commission discount if he is unrepresented by a licensed agent.

So, remember, shopping for real estate by yourself, unrepresented, is your choice, however, if you are doing so thinking that you are entitled to only pay half of the seller’s agents agreed upon commission YOU NEED TO RE-THINK YOUR REASONS FOR BUYING REAL ESTATE WITHOUT PROPER REPRESENTATION.

Keep in Mind that appraisals of real property do not included commissions. So when a property sells at somewhere around the appraised value, the agent represented Seller, is paying the commission typically from their proceeds at the close of escrow. The point being, most of the time, the commission is not added to the property value when a listing is taken, and for good reason, one being that if a loan is involved, at the time of purchase, the price might inhibit the Buyers ability to get the loan. Therefore, you are not saving money by not being represented by a licensed Buyer agent.

I hope this information helps you make good decisions.

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Your Buying Experience

How to Get the Most Out of Your
Home Buying Experience

If given the opportunity, why not make things easier for yourself? When you work with an Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR®), like me, you have the resources you need, and an advocate on your side. Let’s get you into your dream home!

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Why use an Accredited Buyers Representative?

The Buyers Advantage

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Real Property Rights? Just What Do I “Own” When I Purchase Real Property?

Real property is defined as: land and improvements permanently attached to the land. It is also known as real estate, or realty.

Ownership of real property conveys six basic rights and privileges:

1.       The right to sell the property

2.       The right to use or destroy the property

3.       The right to rent or lease it

4.       The right to give it away

5.       The right to enter or leave it

6.       The right to do nothing with it

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What Exactly Is a Passive House?

In a day when eco-friendly seems to be a hard-selling catch phrase, you can understand why some homeowners would be getting green with their largest investments: Their homes.

The Passive house, the most eco-friendly home option around, can cut the energy consumption of a home used for heating by a startling 90 percent.
So what is a passive house? And how can a home meet a Passive House Building Energy standard?

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Prescott Arizona in 1929

Prescott Arizona in 1929 Click Here To View Film

What did Prescott Arizona look like in 1929?

Professor Hall painstakingly restored this film from old cellulose reels, showing Prescott Arizona’s lifestyle, business and commerce during the roaring 20’s era. It stands as the only known surviving  moving picture of Prescott Arizona during this time. Back then as well as today, the hometown atmosphere in Prescott Arizona provides folks with a friendly, slow pace lifestyle that is still appreciated by those fortunate to live and work in this beautiful community, as well as, the many visitors and seasonal citizens. We thank Professor Hall for his many contributions to the preservation of Prescott Arizona History.

Way to go Professor!

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Tip for Buyers and Sellers

TIP: It is recommended that Buyers get pre-approved, (or get your proof of funds statement together) and find a buyer broker that you have confidence in, to work with you to achieve your real estate goals. You are spending a lot of money on a real estate purchase and there is so much that can go wrong in a real estate transaction, not to mention the liability, taxes, costs, etc., it’s just is not worth the risk to ride bareback and go it alone. As for you Sellers, hire a real estate broker or agent that you have confidence in, for the same reasons.

Look folks, the risks are there, so be smart and use the licensed professional of your choice, it’s well worth it, remember, it’s your money, and your property, why take unnecessary risks, a good licensed professional working with you can make all the difference in the world.

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Tips to prepare your home for sale

The process of getting your home ready to put on the market is more than simply finding the right real estate agent and setting the right price. It is critical to make sure that you are presenting the most desirable product possible. You have a great deal of control over how your property is perceived, and there are several things you can do to prepare it for sale and maximize its value in the eyes of potential buyers.  

The following list is certainly not exhaustive, but keep these tips in mind, and you will increase your chances of impressing buyers and landing offers.  Continue reading

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20 Things That Can Alter the Value of Your Home

By Dana Dratch• Bankrate.com

When you’re house-hunting it’s important to be able to identify the things that increase the value of a home and those that actually detract. The seller and his agent, after all, will try to convince you that rail line that runs through the backyard is good because it provides extra green space. Here are 10 features that can add value to your home, and another 10 that could reduce the sales price:

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